///Professional Technical Cover Letter Writing

Professional Technical Cover Letter Writing

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Writing an effective professional technical cover letter is both a skill and an art form. Our consultants have honed their skills and craft over 20+ years in and will bring that impact to your technical cover letter.


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When You Don’t Have Neither Time nor the Expertise; Engage Us to Write Your Professional Technical Cover Letter

A cover letter allows you to highlight and explore in more depth key aspects of your background. The generic letter will showcase your particular attributes to an employer while the job specific one will draw on the benefits you can bring to an employer relating to the key requirements  in the job  specification. This is the one aspect where most candidates fail to take care and pay attention; losing out on the opportunity of being invited for an interview.

We can’t guarantee that you will land the interview or the job with our professional technical cover letter, but it will help you stand a far better chance.

This service is intended for candidates that have 2 years or more professional post-graduate experience (post BA, BEng, BSc, etc.). If your primary language is any other than British English and you are looking for a job in Britain, this service is a must. We build your technical cover letter up from scratch in British English.

We work closely with you to provide either a generic or a job specific technical cover letter. When you order our “Professional Technical Cover Letter Writing” service you will simply upload your current English language CV (needed as a basis to communicate your background) and a job advert if you want a cover letter tailored to a particular job. If you do not have an English language CV yet, please download our CV template to build at least the basic information about your background: RIMS’ CV Template.

Our professional career consultants have over 20 years of technical recruitment behind them. With our personal attention to your cover letter we offer:

  • An initial 15-minute consultation via Skype after an analysis of your background based on your existing CV.
  • A second 15-minute consultation via Skype once we’ve presented you with a first draft.
  • After some fine tuning a final professional technical cover letter will be presented to you.
  • Normal turn-around time is between seven and ten days depending on your ability to respond and your scheduling.


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