///Professional CV Editing – Content and Layout

Professional CV Editing – Content and Layout

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RIMS’ Professional CV Editing service adds the power of our experience to your job search.


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Professional CV Editing

RIMS CV editing will transform your CV in content and layout to catch any employer’s eye. We see too many CVs that lack one or the other or both, which is why we are offering this very cost effective service to support our candidates. We work closely with you to create a CV that is put together in a way that an employer will take notice and give your background the attention it deserves.

When you put through your order and upload your CV we will start working on it within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). We will most probably come back to you with additional questions and asking for supplemental information. If your CV is not complete when you upload it, we will ask that you complete it before we start working on it, we will let you know though. Once we have all the information we asked for, you will have a final copy within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

If you don’t have a CV yet for us to edit, please download our CV template to start building one: RIMS’ CV Template.

Our CV editing is based on our experience working with employers in the engineering and motorsport fields. We have also had thousands of CVs cross our desks and have been able to build a substantial ‘do’s-and-don’t’s’ archive for CV editing.


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