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Professional Interview Coaching

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Ever wonder why you didn’t succeed in your job interview? We provide the skill set you need to be your best in the interview and help you take away the risk of “giving a bad interview”.


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You Are Not Properly Prepared Without Professional Interview Coaching

The interview is an opportunity for your potential employer to not only delve deeper into your skills and how you’ve been an asset to previous employers, it also gives them a chance to learn more about you as a person. This area of the job search process is a science in of itself. Many factors will determine how “well” you perform, e.g. the content of your answers, how you answer, your body language during the interview, etc. It is important that you level the playing field and bring your best performance. Our professional interview coaching will work through a number of these concepts that you may not even have thought of. We will also allow you to think through and formulate answers to questions that typically come up and are designed to test your personality.

Some of the areas we will cover are:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding customer ‘hot buttons’
  • Providing examples of experience
  • Stressing key strengths
  • Admitting weaknesses, with examples of how these have been addressed/amended
  • How to ensure ‘next steps’ are understood
  • How to leave the interview

We will schedule two 15-minute Skype sessions and for the second one you will have homework to complete and then we polish your performance in the second one. If you feel you need more time than that, you can purchase additional 15-minute sessions at £40 + UK VAT. Let us know if you require more time after you’ve completed the programme.

This professional interview coaching programme is intended for experienced candidates that have more than one year of post graduate experience in a professional environment.


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